About Us

About us - Finity+co


We're just your regular, everyday, normal people working the standard Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 job with big dreams for our little family. 

Our Mission:

We're a small family of 4 working together to bring you beautiful and modest fashion. We've heard, seen and experienced the struggles, and we hope we can make a difference.

Meaning behind our name:
Finity = The name is unique & means “limited”. We have limitations / boundaries on the style of clothing we’ll be selling.

+co = Meaning community
In our community we’re reminded “know your worth’. Although it’s getting harder to dress appropriately within our standards, we hope that adding this phrase into our brand, will remind each individual that your self-worth is more important than the trends of the world. 

This dream originally started with a close friend & I back in May 2019, but life lead us in different directions. We both had different yet similar struggles. We not only had struggles with different sizing issues but also, we wanted to feel comfortable but fashionable. We continue to be the best of friends and supportive of each other’s dreams.